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Our Route to Net Zero.

Since 2018 we have cut our carbon emissions by 20% through a combination of investment in energy efficiency schemes, our working environment and smart operations.

The urgent necessity to combat the impact of climate change is a goal we share with many other organisations in Suffolk and around the world and incorporated in the UN 17 Development Goals.

Here are some of our achievements.

  • We are registered members of the Suffolk Carbon Charter Scheme and Suffolk Chamber Net Zero Group.
  • We recycle 75 tonnes of paper and wood waste per year as well as 20,000 litres of grey water and generate 80% of our electric requirements from solar energy through 288 roof-mounted solar panels.
  • Our transport system supplied by Mandata is designed to minimise freight miles and optimise load fill across our fleet.
  • Working with our partner, The Pallet Network, to reduce freight miles by 324,000 per year.
  • Cutting the speed limit on our vehicles by 3mph will reduce our diesel usage by 80,000 litres in 2022.
  • We buy electric where EV provide a viable, economic alternative to ICE vehicles. Our cars and fork-lift trucks are all electric charged through our on-site solar scheme.
  • Our Cycle to Work scheme has helped 5% of our workforce to get out of their cars.
  • We operate vehicles from the most advanced manufacturers fitted with advanced EUR6 clean engines and cutting-edge technology to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

We are watching developments in the field of electric vehicles and alternative fuels very closely and stand ready to invest our resources at the right time in a better future for us all.

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